Weather in Crete

Climate and weather in Crete

Crete is such a popular destination for travelers due to the climate, the famous Cretan hospitality, the wonderful beaches in Crete, the great history, and mostly for the warm and sunny weather in Crete.

The climate of Crete is probably the mildest in Europe. The strong northwesterly wind, the meltemi, moderates even the hottest months of July and August. Rainfall is rare during the summer months.
Autumn is Crete's mildest season, when temperatures are often higher than in spring. The mountains that run across the island act as a barrier to the weather, often creating different conditions in northern and southern Crete.

Vegetation and variations in climate are dependent on geographical regions. The multiplicity of plants is exceptional with some 6000 indigenous species having been recorded so far. Over 250 of these flourish in Crete alone.

This impressive abundance of flora and fauna arises from Greece's unique geographical location between Europe and Africa and the specific climate of this region, affected by the mountain range crossing the island from east to west and dividing Crete in a northern, typical Mediterranean climate area, and a southern, almost subtropical one.

Weather in Crete during Summer

Most people visit Crete during summer, from June to mid September, so it is usefull to see what is the weather in Crete like during this months.

The weather in Crete from June to mid September is what we call full summer, no rain, temperatures in the 30° Celsius and some days on August may approach 40° C. Also during night temperature may well stay above 30° C and sometimes some degrees below.

Winds on the islands, such as Crete, well contribute to the experience of temperature. Some days late in the afternoon there might be a cooling breeze.

Weather in Crete during Spring

Visiting Crete during sprin is highly recommended, since there are no crowds at all, the weather is fantastic, and you can enjoy all our beatiful places in privacy.

During this period, April, May, mid June and November weather in Crete is what we call full Spring, with usually sunny weather and some short rain showers.

Temperatures range from 25° C on early May and reach 30° C in June, and backwards, from mid September to October. This period is great for outdoors activities, like walking and mountain hiking, or for sunbathing and swimming

Just before that, during March and maybe mid April, is the early Spring, with unstable weather. It can be rainy and windy in Crete during these months but also sunny and warm. This period of the year is suitable for walking and hiking, but also for relaxing at the beach and even swim. Temperatures on Crete range from 14 to 25° C

Winter in Crete

During winter, Crete has lower temperatures ans snows in the mountains, ideal for people who want to have romantic holidays and stay in a mountain accommodation in the nature while enjoying the warmness of a fireplace.

December, January and February is what we call winter in Crete. Rainy weather and winds, not every day, some days are very sunny. It is only snowing high on the mountains during the heavy winter period.

Live Weather Forecast

Below you will find the current temperature of several places in Crete.

Chania, Crete

few clouds Few clouds
20.78 °C

Humidity: 88 %
Wind: Setting, 0 m/s
observed 2 seconds ago

Rethymno, Crete

clear sky Clear sky
20.72 °C

Humidity: 55 %
Wind: Calm, 0.69 m/s
Wind direction: South (174)
observed 2 seconds ago

Heraklion, Crete

clear sky Clear sky
18.57 °C

Humidity: 86 %
Wind: Calm, 1.36 m/s
Wind direction: West-southwest (250)
observed 1 second ago

Ierapetra, Crete

clear sky Clear sky
20.24 °C

Humidity: 64 %
Wind: Light breeze, 1.62 m/s
Wind direction: North (5)
observed 1 second ago

Sitia, Crete

clear sky Clear sky
21.68 °C

Humidity: 72 %
Wind: Light breeze, 3.26 m/s
Wind direction: Northwest (307)
observed 1 second ago